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Earrings "Tourmaline sweetness in diamonds"

Earrings "Tourmaline sweetness in diamonds"

Unique earrings with natural Brazilian tourmalines with a particularly large total weight of 26.21 ct.

A rare specimen of a tourmaline duo that has been waiting in my collection for the right moment to show its beauty to a wider audience. Interestingly - both natural Tourmalines cut in a fancy rosette cut come from one specimen of Syr Tourmaline! In a beautiful, sought-after almost feminine color and beautiful life - delicate but saturated light pink. 

The dimensions of the main stones are on average 19.00 x 17.00 x 5.20 mm. The stones are minimalistically set with claws to hide their beauty as little as possible. All earrings are handmade with an emphasis on jewelry finish. I used an "English clasp" that holds securely on the ear and nicely levels the hanging element so that the stones delight everyone around. Additionally, natural full brilliant cut diamonds with high parameters (VS/G+) with a total weight 0.22 ct.  The whole thing is made of yellow shade of 0.585 (14k) gold 

Total weight 13.31 grams. 

Only one pair available, non-reproducible. 

  • Information about jewelry

    In most cases, my jewelry is unique - i.e. made only in one copy due to the originality and uniqueness of the set stones. Each piece of jewelry is personally made by me - Jakub Śliwowski. 

  • Return of products and refunds

    Jewelry can be returned within 14 days of receiving the product. 

  • Shipping information

    We send all products within Poland by courier free of charge. If you want to order our unique jewelry to another European Union country, please contact us to calculate the cost and delivery conditions.

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