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"Amethyst Beauty" earrings

"Amethyst Beauty" earrings

Unique, long earrings with carefully selected and paired natural round-faceted amethysts and round brilliant-cut champagne diamonds. Amethysts have the most saturated color found in these charming stones. In these Amethysts, purple is mixed with flashes of pink, making the color of the stones combined with perfect purity very impressive. Stones with a diameter of up to 10 mm (3.77 and 3.72 ct) are beautifully set in six claws on which champagne diamonds are suspended, 24 pieces per stone. The total weight of the diamonds is 0.24 ct. The earrings are made in a yellow shade of 0.585 gold and are perfect for combining with the "Amethyst Beauty" ring and pendant.

The whole thing is made in a yellow shade of 0.585 (14k) gold. "English" type clasp 

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