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"Champagne Ametryn" ring

"Champagne Ametryn" ring

A charming, sensual and beautiful ring with a very large natural Ametrine weighing 5.67 ct. Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine in one crystal, which mixes two colors: purple and yellow. It is a rare collector's stone and its value increases when the color interweaving is stronger and more visible - as in this case. The natural stone has been beautifully polished to present two color zones that perfectly fill each other to create an effective color play, ;The stone is 100% natural! Nature can delight and surprise. 

An additional decoration of the ring are champagne diamonds, which create a diamond frame around the main stone. A total of 30 natural diamonds with a total weight of 0.30 ct are set.

The ring is made in a yellow shade of 0.585 gold and is finished in matte and gloss to further enhance the dynamism of the most important two-tone color.

It is a large cocktail ring-type product that looks stunning on the hand and attracts everyone's attention.

Ring size ~14.5. It is possible to change the ring size +/- 5 numbers.

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