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"PasteLOVE" ring

"PasteLOVE" ring

Perfect Ring for a Lady,  who loves life and does not want to limit herself to just one stone or color. This is an example of the "Tutti-Frutti" style in jewelry, where we combine different colors and different gemstones to ultimately make the jewelry joyful, colorful - pleasing to the soul! It is also a real energy bomb combining the features and powers of 6 different gemstones. 

A 6 in 1 ring combining the charm and beauty of six different gemstones carefully selected by me to keep the style of the ring this time in pastel - slightly saturated colors, while making sure that no mineral or color is repeated. 

The ring is also perfect for an engagement, for a woman who appreciates the colors of nature, because it also has a diamond set in it.

Therefore, the main stone in this product  is a Brilliant (Natural Diamond in a round brilliant cut) weighing 0.27 ct (P1/J), which is surrounded by five colors of natural Stones.

The masses of individual Stones are as follows:

Tanzanite - 0.31 ct 

Topaz Sky Blue - 0.28 ct 

Diamond  - 0.27 ct 

Morganite - 0.22 ct 

Tourmaline - 0.26 ct

Sapphire - 0.31 ct

The total weight of all natural stones is 1.65 ct!!!

The diameter of the stones is >4 mm.

Made in a full rail, in a white shade of 0.585 gold.

Ring size 13.5 (size can be changed +/- 3 numbers upon request). For this purpose, please contact me before purchasing. 

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