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Ring "Triptych with Rutile"

Ring "Triptych with Rutile"

A unique ring with a very large natural Rutile Quartz as the central stone. Less than 5 carats of natural Quartz (4.80 ct) with gold inserts, rutile bristles, emerald cut. it was beautifully steamed here with a noble cluster of 2 natural Smoky Quartz to create a unique Triptych. Smoky Quartz is finished in a beautiful Trillion cut. Perfectly clean! The weight of each is 0.65+ ct

The ring is made of yellow  shade of gold, fineness 0.585.

Ring size ~13. It is possible to change the ring size +/- 3 numbers. 

Perfectly matches the set with the "Faceted Panther Pearl" ring.

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